Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 Meeting

Let the meeting begin.

Betty gave a class on Beginner Workshop #2. 
Bonnie and Alex showing off the results   
Susan giving a demo during our dinner break. 
Did you get to eat, Susan?

Sew and Tell Time!  

There were so many beautiful quilts to show off.  How do you ladies do it?

(top left) Viola was first up with her Journey II quilt called "Our Next Door Neighbor".
(top right)Then came Vicki with the “State of Grace” from jelly rolls!
 (Middle left) May, how did you do that?  
Surprised smile 
(m. right) Margie was next with her “Bear Claw”--- in lavender, my fav.
(b. left) Lana shows off her hand embroidered baby quilt.   They took months of stitching!!
(b. right) And another one! Elizabeth showing off the Shop Sampler.
 (top) Christine had 2 Block of the Month quilts, really nice.
(m. left) Susan showed 2 wall hangings.  Looks good. 
(m. right) Alex and her Dazzling Stars quilt.  And she took the Beginners Class! Does not look like she needed it.
(bottom) Shereece in her transformation of an oversized GTPQG tee, which we all were told she will be filling it out soon!! Also, a quilt for a niece. 

March challenge color was Yellow.

                                            Workshop: 1/2 yard challenge

Donations for the month:

6 baby quilts 

 Lots of pillow cases

 2 Military Quilts


  Our four raffle ticket winners!

Great job done by all. Good quilts, good friends, good food. Lets call it adjourned. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feb 2014 Workshop

Betty giving us the basics.
 This workshop turned out to be one of our best. Betty was great at showing us the bare basics of quilting.
It was so helpful to the new and experienced quilters. Thanks a lot Betty!
Betty helping out.

Hard at work.

Hard at work, which one.

Beautiful hand quilting.
Always trying to hide!!

Work, Work.

Got you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Challenge Quilts for 2013

The hanging of the Challenge Quilts, 2013

Alex showing her First Prize

The winners were: Alex, Kathi, Victoria, Portia, Sara, Christine, Debbie. All the quilts were great.