Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mystery - January

Let me just tell you that it's so much fun to give clues each month and answer questions that the members come up with as we move along!  

I have not completed this quilt yet, but instead opted to quilt along, but just one month ahead of the group.  This way,  I am able to show the completed blocks as an example at each guild meeting when the clue is revealed.  With the designer's permission, I have broken the piecing instructions down into 6 clues, each containing 2 parts.

This is clue one, Units #1 & #2.  I gave this clue in January, 4-patches and half-square triangles.

How are you doing so far?  Everyone keeping up?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guild Meeting - January

Just thought I'd share some photos from our guild meeting in January.  The collages are small, but if you click on them, you can see them photos a bit bigger.

This first set of photos contain pictures from the "formal" portion of our meeting.  The program (fabric folding), charity quilts, door prizes, challenge quilts, pink color challenge, and mystery quilt are all included here.

And, this, is our "sew and tell"!  Lot's of fun stuff here.  


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guild Meeting - February

Just a few (or more) photos of our February guild meeting.  We're getting more stream-lined as we go along and things with the new board seem to be going good!  

And a few Sew & Tell photos...there's always lots of inspiration here!  If you'd like, you might click on the collage to see the photos a bit bigger!

This is just an overview of the meeting...more photos to come, of  course!



Welcome to our new guild blog!  The idea for a webpage or blog was generated at our monthly board meeting and guess what - we're making it happen!

Check back often for lots of fun write-ups on things we've done as a guild, projects members have done, ideas for our guild, and just plain fun!

If you are a member of Gone to Pieces Quilt Guild and have something fun to share - a great FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip), an awesome STASH (Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden), a huge TOAD (Trashed Object Abandoned In Disgust), or even an ARBI (A Really Bad Idea), let us know.  We'd love to feature ALL of our members!  Not to mention, we'd love to attract even more members to join in the fun at Gone To Pieces Quilt Guild!

Hope you enjoy this new website!