Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sew & Tell - May

How about some Sew and Tell?  Here are some of the fabulous projects that were displayed at May's GTPQG meeting!

Top:  June's Quilt Sampler - Heather, Ina & Debbie's "Dazzling Scraps" - Vicki & Viola's "Dazzling Scraps"
Bottom:  June & Kathi's "Dazzling Scraps" - Debbie & Vicki's "Dazzling Scraps" - Debbie's "Dazzling Scraps"
("Dazzling Scraps" was this year's Sew Day group project)

Top:  June's Cut & Fold Sampler - Christine's Cut & Fold blocks - Portia's Cut & Fold blocks
Bottom:  Jean's son's wedding quilt - Betty's "Wiggles & Giggles" - Betty's "Two's Company"

Top:  Dana's "Color Weave" - Dana's "Stained Glass" - Dana's "Bug Jars"
Bottom:  Betty's "54, 40 or Fight" - Heather's "XOXO" - Heather's "XOXO" back w/signature blocks

Top:  Lois' bed runner (back) - Lois' bed runner - June's quilt block sampler
Bottom:  Mary's framed bear paw - Viola's "Big Boy Bed" - Linda's KS State t-shirt quilt

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