Monday, November 25, 2013

September Meeting

September 2013 Meeting

Sew and Tell

Vicki (right) showing one of the raffle quilts for the Craft Fair
        The ants go marching one by one....  Portia beside the BIG ants picnic quilt.  Delilah and the smoking trains.  Along with the part of a big group of sew and tell

Military Quilts

Looks like the "Military Strippers" workshop turned out some beautiful quilts for our Veterans.
We are in need of only 9 more quilts and those are on the machines.

Instruction for the evening

Susan showing the "Lil' Twister".  Looks like double work but really neat!

Watch for the upcoming workshop.

Genesis House 

Mary holding the books we made and more quilts for the Genesis House
The October workshop was set-up for making pillowcases for Genesis House. This month they received a quilt, 2 books and some other items. 

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